Tuesday, June 05, 2007

HOT NEWS: Waiora promotion

Hi there. My organization volume for May closed incredibly high, beat a new record for me personal. I'm close to being a Single Diamond in Waiora and looking for help. (That is about a 10K monthly bonus raise for me so I'm leaving a great deal on the table each month, and I'm putting together some SERIOUS incentives to make my goal happen). If you have wondered what makes Waiora so special... stop wondering. Don’t put your toe in the water, jump in!

I believe training, support and a team atmosphere are keys to our success. So I have put together an incentive for June that hits on all three of these aspects. Join our team at the Pacesetter level ($500) and get these incentives:

1. Training: John Haremza is the Master Distributor, my personal enroller, and is making about $195,000 a month. He created a brilliant training system that has proven effective. No need to recreate the wheel! His training is easy to understand, and it will get you started in the right direction from the get-go. The system includes a manual and a few of his best CDs and is offered to distributors for $9.95 (plus tax, shipping and handling). This is your gift from me, (a value of $9.95) for FREE.

2. Tools: To implement John’s training, you’ll need tools. Our best tools are of course www.humanoctane.com, but we also have a very powerful magazine, “Your Business At Home” (available from Waiora for $30 for a 10pack) and a brief and effective CD from Mickey Dillon and Rik Deitsch “Take Your Life Back” (available through www.waioratools.com for about a buck each). Use these tools to explode your business! To get you off to a solid, fast start, I will send you 10 CDs and 10 Magazines ($50.00 in tools) FOR FREE.

3. Team atmosphere: Grow your team to 25 - WHENEVER your team reaches 25 through your efforts OR the efforts of your personally enrolled OR a combination - YOU will get a check for $500 USD from me. Do it in a week, a month, or a year.... this will be an ONGOING promotion for our team! That means your pacesetter order was FREE! On top of an already fantastic compensation plan, a little MORE back in your pocket.

To keep that team motivated and focused, join our Diamond Club and you will be eligible to win another $1000 just for your enrolling efforts and rank advancement. For those that make it to Diamond, earn an exclusive trip to somewhere exotic. The Diamond Club for those in our team that are committed to becoming Diamond by the end of this year (to get part of the equity that is up for grabs). We meet weekly and have great leadership training, and draw names every week for those that want to win free tools. The Diamond Club is exclusive and free to join, and really helps your team stay focused. So don’t wait any longer.

It is an incredible time to look at Waiora! There are some links below to refresh yourself about Waiora, and if you are ready to get started you can either call me on my cell or go right online, click here. These incentives are for all new distributors, if you are already enrolled in Waiora, let me know. I have other incentives just for you.

Thanks and God bless,
Donna Valdes (click my name to learn more about me...)
Global Business Developer for Waiora International
888-658-8778 Toll Free
727-647-4211 Cell Phone
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined."- Henry David Thoreau

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